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The Risk Management Framework (RMF) provides a disciplined, structured and flexible process for managing security and privacy risk. It includes information security categorization; control selection, implementation and assessment; system and common control authorizations; and continuous monitoring.
  • All prerequisites are built into the program
  • You Will Learn How To Develop:
  • System Security Plan (SSP)
  • Prepare and develop a Security Assessment Plan (SAP)
  • Create a Security Assessment Report (SAR)
  • Develop a Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M)
  • Security Control Traceability Matrix (SCTM)
  • Security Requirement Traceability Matrix (SRTM)
  • E-Authentication Assessment (e-Auth)
  • FIPS 199 Security Categorization Document
  • Technical System Description (TSD) / Detailed Architecture Diagram
  • Privacy Threshold Analysis (PTA)
  • Privacy Impact Analysis (PIA)
  • Interconnection Security Agreement (ISA)
  • Contingency Plan (CP)
  • Incident Response Plan (IRP)
  • Configuration Management Plan (CMP)
  • Hardware and Software Inventory (HW/SW)
  • Ports, Protocols, and Service (PPS)
  • Compile ATO or Security Authorization Package
  • Communicate effectively in business and professional settings

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